Can I enable zoom in my flipbooks for viewing more clearly?

The clients want to view the book details, how can I add a zoom in functionality to the output flipbook?

Flip Image provides attractive functionality to enable you zoom in output flipbooks as your wanted scale.

Free download the trial version to have a try.

Follow below steps:

1.Add Images: click "File->Add Images" or "File->Add a Directory...", the added images will be listed in the Thumbnail or List;

2.Setting: click "File->Setting" to define page size and quality for output flipbooks, you can also optimize your images by rotating, sharping, resizing;

3.Publish: click "Publish" button to preview output flipbooks, click "Zoom in enable->Yes" and input "Zoom Scale", then "Apply Change";

4.Output: click "Convert To Flipping Book" to choose your wanted output mode, HTML, EXE, ZIP, or Burn to CD.

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