Can I find out pages with special keywords in flip books?

If there are multiple pages in flipbooks, how can I find out some special pages in short time? Or can I search the pages with some keywords?

Considering above situation while viewing large flip books, Flip Powerpoint (free download here) adds search functionality, and readers can quickly find out pages as they want to view:

1. Add file: click "File->Import PowerPoint", make sure "Enable search" checked (for "Quickly import, only import 10 pages to initial preview", of course, you can customize page range to import for previewing);

2. Design Setting: set "Tool Bar->Search Button->Show", you can define "Search Highlight Color", you can also set Book Proportions, Background Config, Tool Bar etc, then "Apply Change";

3. Output: Click "Convert to Flipping Book" to choose output format from *.html, *.zip, *.exe, or burn to CD, and then click "Convert" to output flipbook with search feature.

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