Can I just view page 4 when I open flipbook online?

If I don't want to open the flipbook with the start page, so how can I go to some other special page like page 4 in Browsers?

Use Flip PDF (free download here) to create flipbooks, upload to website, then you can specify the page while viewing flip books online.

Build flip book:

1. Import PDF: click "File->Import PDF" to add file, the pages will be previewed in the preview box;
2. Settings: you can define book proportions in "Design Setting" like background, zoom config, print or download setting, etc., and then click "Apply Change";
3. Convert: click "Convert->Convert To Flipping Book" to choose output mode, the output flipbook will display with page-turning effect and your customized layout.

Upload to your website:

1. Log in your website via FTP, for example, you website domain is ;
2. Upload all of files in the output directory to your website. For example, your output directory is C:\out\myflipbook, then upload the directory "myfilpbook" to your site;
3. See your flipping book at: "" or better: "".
4. Or if you want to open defined page, you can add suffix to the link like this: "index.html?pageIndex=4" .

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