Can I set password for my page-flipping publication?

What I want is to set a password for my page-flipping publication. It is important for me to set a password to protect my privacy. Please help.

Setting password is a useful and simple way to keep privacy. Flip Wordalso allow users to set password for page-flipping publication. There are two ways to set password to open the page-flipping book. What’s more, you can set the protect page rang. Here let’s show you the details step by step.

1.Add file: import word file to Flip Word with clicking “Import Office” button and continue to move to “design setting” window;

2.Get “Security Settings” option: find out “Flash Control Settings” column on “Design Setting” window first and then get “Security Settings” below “Flash Control Settings”; the other way to go to “Security Settings” is to move to the top toolbar click “Options” and then select “Flash Security”;


3.Enter Password: go to “Flash Security Config” window and select “Single Password” and then enter the password, or you can select the protect page range;

4.Open flip book with password: then click “OK” and “Apply Change” and continue to convert it to flipping book and then open “html” file and enter the password.


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