Can I set position for the background image of flip books?

I have a background that I just need to sit it in the center of the movie page-flipping eBook, not simply fit or scale, how can I carry out this?

Flip PDF (free download here) improves the position feature for inserted background image, it provides 11 types position for you to set.

Follow the below steps:

1. Click "Import PDF" button to add PDF file;
2. Design Setting: set "Book->Background Config->Background Image", add "Image File", then choose "Image Position->Middle Center" by clicking the drop down list, then click "Apply Change" button, you can preview the image effect in right preview box;
3. Click "Convert To Flipping Book", choose output type, then you will get your wanted flipbook with background image inserted into the book center.

Tips: Our other flip products also upgraded the versions with the same functionality, you can choose a proper one for you to use.

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