Can I set watermark on images with flip image professional?

How can I set watermark on images? Because I want to mark my website address on images and show others.

Flip Image Pro allows users to convert images to flip album and mark authority even other information on images. What’s more, you can add several formats (such as text, PDF, image, shape, dynamic date time) as watermark on images easily. Now let’s get start to set watermark on images.

1.Add images: run flip image professional and import images with clicking “Add image” button;

2.Setting: click “setting” on toolbar and come to setting window and then find out “Watermark” options;


3.Watermark Button: find watermark below “Additions” and click “Set Watermark” button to select a watermark to add;

4.Select a watermark: you can import the new watermark and edit the watermark (such as text name, font, size and position and so on);

5.After that click “OK” to continue convert images to flip album and publish it.


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