Can I share my flipbook offline?

After creating e-magazine with Flip Office Professional, I can only view the flipbook in Web Browser online by click on "" file. Can I create a flipbook for offline sharing?

Yes,Flip Office Professional also provides you offline output formats: ZIP/EXE/Burn to CD, to create flipping ebook for offline use. Only you choose other output format to convert, or the program will choose the default output format: HTML online version.

Offline version contains ZIP, EXE, Burn to CD, which one is adapt for you:

1. ZIP format: if you want to send your book via Email, you can choose this type to output flipbook and send the ZIP file to others via Email directly. Do not forget to edit folder name, file name, even define Web page info in Advanced settings;

2. EXE format: output flipbook with this offline version, for you to easily store and view;

3. Burn to CD: if you want to copy flipbook on CD/DVD, you should output it with ZIP and Burn to CD together, then choose CD Writer and edit Disc title.


Lastly, click "convert" to create a wonderful offline flipbook.

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