Can we add hyperlinks to the flipbook pages?

I would like to make a travel e-magazine with Landscapes, not text introduced. Then we need to add hyperlinks to those images, to link to other introductory page. Is there any software to do it?

Yes, Flip Image Pro software can help you to solve this problem easily. It allows you to add rich-media in e-magazine page. You can not only add hyperlinks, but also insert your promotional video, more attractions photos, and splendid music in page.

1. Add images to decorate and click "Publish to FlippingBook" to edit your book pages with rich-media;

2. Choose template in template panel, click "Edit Pages->Add Link" to add links on images. Then click "Action Options" and paste the link in box. In Action Options panel, you can also select an action type, including Go to page, Open a link, Call Javascript function, Open Flash Window, Play Audio, Photo Slideshow. After setting, just click "Yes->Save the Settings" to exit;

PS: If you like, you can custom color, layout and edit a Hint for links in Link Properties.

3. Click "Convert to Flipping Book" to choose output format and edit file name, click "Convert" finally.

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