Confine readers to coping of flip ebook content?

Is it possible to limit readers to coping of flip ebook content while flipping book page?

Yes. Use Flip Image Pro software to add security in created flip ebook. Expect for limiting readers to copy flipbook content, you have other encrypt options, including Printing, Changing the Document, Allow Content Copying or Extraction, Authoring Comments and Form Fields, Allow Form Filed Fill-in or Signing, Content Accessibility, Document Assembly.

Follow below steps:

1. Click "Add images" to choose those images you want;

2. Click "Setting->Additions->Security" to define a password in flip book, you should choose "Add Security", "Use a password to restrict permissions" and "Enable copying of content" option, then input a permission password in box, click "Yes" finally;

3. Click "Publish to FlippingBook" to create flip ebook from images your import.

PS: When readers want to copy the content of flip ebook, they must input default password to permit.

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