Control Flipping book page quality and size before importing it?

I just want create a small flash flipping book with small page size and take a little disk space, Any suggestion?

Before I answer your question, I’d like to share some information with you. As you know, the publication size is directly relevant to the page quality and page size. That is to say, if you want create a small flipbook, thus you needn’t to select the high quality and large size. In fact, the lower quality and smaller size can meet your needs. At the same reason, if you want create a big quality publication, you need consider the option of high quality.

Return to the question. I recommending you Flip Office program.The Flip Office provides you 5 different of quality and size types. They are "Higher quality larger file size", "High quality large file size", "Medium quality medium file size", "Low quality small file size" and "Lower quality smaller files". So if you want create a small flipbook, you can choose "Lower quality smaller files" option.

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