Could I create a unique icon?

While I make a wedding ebook with Float template, I find the shape of icon is not compatible with flipbook background, could I create a suitable icon?

You can use Adobe Flash software to create icon file (*.swf) before creating wedding ebook and import SWF file into Flip Image Pro . Besides, you can also custom icon color, to better suitable with flipbook background.

Follow below steps:

1. Add Images: add photos you need to create wedding ebook, decorate photos with page setting, and insert Frame or Clip Art to set off your photos very well;

2. Design setting: click "Publish to FlippingBook" to choose Float template or other template in design setting panel. Below the template panel, you can click "Flash Display Settings->Background" to add background file in box and open "Tool Bar Settings panel->Button Icons->Icon File (SWF Only)", to import your defined icon file (*.swf) in box. Then select icon color that suitable to wedding ebook background;

3. Edit pages: add video, music, movie or other rich-media on flip book page. After that, you must click "Apply Change" to apply all setting;

4. Convert to Flipping Book: choose the output format and edit HTML file, then click "Convert" to end.

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