Create personalized product manual base on rich templates?

Is there some wonderful ebook templates provided without wracking my brain?

Notice this button:

three template modes
The latest version Flip PDF (download to try) append some human nature design. The functionality emphasized is "Template" which in diffrent poses and expressions! The three main modes as follows:

classical templates

1. Classical: simple without losing the gorgeous, menu bar lie on the screen bottom,some functionalities in common use line;

classical mode cool personalized template

2. Float: Buttons scattered on top or bottom menu bar, from the visual point, more shapely;

float mode cool personalized template

3. Spread: The left edge flexible button "Thumbnail" and "Search", hiddened or showed, the top menu bar, there are a functionality "Auto flip" and others common buttons facilitates users.

float mode cool personalized template

PS: On the basis of templates you chose, you can completely edit it to a personalized your own one (keep some settings you like)!

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