How can I acquire the statistical data of flipbook by using Google analytics?

We create some online flipping books to promote our product. I hope there have a path in Flip Office Pro that can help us to gather statistical date for our reference, and make marketing strategy. If the flip program has this function, please show me how to operate.

Yes, Flip Office Pro can help your gather reader information, and make right business decision. It provides Google Analytics function which is awesome features of Flip Office Pro. You just need to add your Google ID into your created flipbook on website. It will automatically gathering information, and available on Google Analytics website within 24 hours.

Now let’s show you how to add Google Analytics ID on Flipbook.

1. Launch Flip Office Pro and import office file.

2. Find out "Google Analytics ID" bar on "Design setting" drop-down list: Design Setting -> Display Control Settings -> Google Analytics ID, and then input your Google Analytics ID on box.

google analytics

3. Click "Convert To Flipping Book", choose HTML output format, and then upload the flipbook online.

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