How can I add bookmark tabs for the page flipping book?

Can I add colored bookmark for my flip book so as to make it more attractive?

Yes, you can add Bookmark Tabs to the flip book. Just as the Bookmark, the Bookmark Tabs help your readers navigate through the flip book with ease. They can turn page by clicking the colorful Bookmark Tabs with Caption you defined.

1. Launch the program and import PDF;

2. In the Template Design interface, click the "Bookmark Tabs" tab in the Design Panel;

add bookmark tabs


3. Click the "Add one tab" button and the Bookmark Tab window will pop up, define Caption, Page Index (when you click the tab, you will be directed to that page) and color;



Besides, you can change the opacity of the Bookmark Tabs by changing "Tabs Alpha".



4. After you finish adding Bookmark Tabs, click "Apply Change" to save the settings;



5. After "Apply Change", you will see the colorful Bookmark Tabs on the top of your flip book.