How can I allow downloading flipbooks from website?

If viewers like the flipbook pages, is there any way to let them download the flipbook or images directly?

Flip Image provides the option to allow users to download images or flipbooks from uploaded URL directly.

Follow below steps to set downloadable option:

1.Add Images: click "File->Add Images" or "File->Add a Directory...", the added images will be listed in the Thumbnail or List;

2.Setting: click "File->Setting" to define page size and quality for output flipbooks, you can also optimize your images by rotating, sharping, resizing;

3.Publish: click "Publish" button to preview output flipbooks, select "Yes" in "Download Enable" option, then input the Download URL directly, you can use absolute path like "" or relative path like "/files/download/myimage.jpg" (make sure you have uploaded the image to the same path), then click "Apply Change";

4. Convert: click "Convert To Flipping Book" to choose output mode as "*.html", after uploading the created flipbook to your website, readers can click the Download icon to download your uploaded images or some other swf file directly.

Free download the trial version to have a try.

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