How can I create a bookcase and embed it on my website?

Embedding a bookcase on your website allows your readers to view the content of your publication without leaving your website. This can add interactivity to your website when you want to keep your customers on your website.

Note that your bookcase can only be created with a domain name from, so you need to upload your flipbook to our flipbuilder server. Any content that you upload to flipbuilder is available, flexible and safe as long as you have our online host service. You can get our Online Host Service in two ways below:

1. Purchasing points

You can buy points depending on your demand. One point costs US $1.0 to keep one book on cloud server per month. The more points you buy, the more discount you will get. Newly registered users can get 5 free points!

2. Be a member of VIP

Flipbuilder Online Hosting Service charges US $9.99 a month and US $99.0 a year. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. VIP members can upload 1000 flipbooks on our online server.

To embed your bookcase into your website, you need to get embed code first. Here is how you can do it in four steps:

Firstly, log in your Flipbuilder account and upload your flipbook.

After logging in your account, click [upload online]. You can add title, keywords, and description for your flipbook. Then click upload.

Secondly, create your bookcase.

After finishing upload, you will see a pop-up window. Click [Manage Online Books].

Then you will automatically jump to the homepage of Flipbuilder. Click [My Bookcases] and you can see your bookcase.

Thirdly, embed your bookcase on your website.

Open your bookcase> choose [Embed]

Then copy the Embed Code below.

Finally paste it into your HTML file.

Now you have successfully created a bookcase and embedded it on your website.

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