How can I customize flash window color of flip book?

I already changed a wonderful background for my flip book. And I just have difficult in customizing flash window color.

Flip Word not only allows users to change the background file of flip book but also change the flash window color. A wonderful template of flip book contains beautiful background file and suitable color. Then just customize a wonderful color of flash window.

1.Import Word File: click “Import Office” to add word file to program and click “Apply Change” to refresh flip book;

2.Find out “Flash window color”: Move to “Design Setting” window and then find out “Flash Window Color” below “ Background” option in Classical templates;

3.Pick up a color: click “Flash Window Color” option and then color option window will pop up and pick up a color you like and click “OK”;

4.Refresh flip book: click “Apply Change” to refresh the flip book and check the flash window color is suitable or not.


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