How can I email the flipbook?

How to email the flipbook I created?

Firstly, you should produce html, exe (executive file) or zip files with Flip PDF. Base on your main purposes and the points of view of your users , I summarize two important way to email your flipbook.

Let me show you the details:

1. Upload the html and relevant multi-media folders to your own website, when editing the flipbook, you should open the :share" button by set "Show" not "Hide". After uploaded, everyone can browse it. If they want to share it to friends, they can click the button "Share" on the menu bar bottom and then send the URL out.

2. Create a zip or exe files (If you like, you can compress it and then email it.). As a attacment to email to your friends. When some body recive it, only what he (she) should do is that uncompressing and then double clicking the flipping book.

PS: If you are tired of emailing, you can also burn it to CD (Flip PDF provides this functionality also.) to distribute to others.

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