How can I embed YouTube or Vimeo video into my flipping book?

I am a new user of the Flip PDF Pro, I don't know how to add the YouTube explainer video of our company to the PDF brochue?

There are different functional buttons in frame of the Edit Page interface in Flip PDF Professional.

1. Click the “Add YouTube” or “Vimeo” button to insert videos as a decoration or element on your flipbook;

add youtube video

2. Set options for the embedded video;

add youtube video

In addition, you can also add buttons, links and hotspots to open the YouTube or Vimeo from action settings on the flipbook.

 youtube video example

Add video to the book page, your readers will feel a lively scene while they are reading the content, it is best way to present your detail of product or servce. For more detail, please have a glance of our YouTube video example.