How can I insert table to flash book?

Flip Writer do help me a lot to edit the text. Now I wonder how to insert table to flash book with flip writer?

Flip Writer is flexible software to write words directly and publish it to page-flipping books. With the editor function of Flip Writer, users can write down or edit the books, brochures, catalogue and so on. However, Flip Writer allows users to inert table on flash book as well. Please check the below steps to insert table on your flash book.

1.Create new page: run Flip Writer and then start to design your flash book or add a file to program directly;

2.Start to edit: select an area where you are going to insert table and then move to the toolbar on top to find out “table” button;

3.Insert table: click table button and select how many lines you need; after selecting just click on table and it will show on flash book directly;


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