How can I replace one or more pages without editing the whole project all over again?

I would like to revised my ebook by changing some pages of the pdf file used for the base, but keep the links, videos, etc. that I have built into the project. Can this be done?

If you have built a project in Flip PDF Professional with adding images, links, videos, audios, but you need to change content or pages of your PDF, don't worry, you don't need to edit the whole project again. Follow the method below to easy carry out your needs:

1. Open your book project which you have added links, videos, images, etc., click "File->Export Page Info" to save all edited objects together in your computer;

2. Import new PDF or click "Edit Pages" to delete some pages and add new pages, then click "File->Import Page Info" to import original objects and apply on new PDF file.


Now you output completed book project or publish as you want!

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