How does the "share" button work?

I just downloaded your software and converted my pdf to a flip book. How can I share this with my friends? I see a "share" button but it does nothing.

The button "Share" is relevant with online demonstration. If you upload the html form e-book produced by Flip PDF to your own website, you can share its address url with others by emailing the link to the mail boxes of your firends. it makes people who browse your e-book online share your e-book more conveniently just by clicking the "Share" button on menu bar bottom.
Let me show you the details:

  1. 1. On the left functionality list, move your mouse to "Share Button" area;

  2. 2. Click the form after text "Share Button", choose "Hide" or "Show" from the selection box, it allows the "Share" button to show on the menu bar bottom or not;

  3. 3. Write an email subject which will come out on the sharing email subject form;

  4. 4. The default email body form is writen "{Link}" which stands for the e-book's URL after uploaded to website;

PS: If you didn't upload your e-book produced by Flip PDF, you can't share the URL with ohters, because the e-book path belongs to your local environment which others can't launch. If you don't want to upload the e-book webpage to your server, you can send the output flash to your friends as attachment, in this case, you can hide the "Share" button follow above steps.

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