How to add an icon button on toolbar to get new calling action?

I’d like to say Flip Office Pro is very powerful software, provides some functional buttons in toolbar, but other than that, can I add an icon button in toolbar to get new function?

Thanks for your feedback. The Flip Office Pro program enables you to add new icon button in toolbar menu. You can design this setting in Float template only. Please follow below steps.

Step1. Find "Add Icons Settings" on "Design Setting" drop-down list: Design Setting -> Toolbar Settings ->Buttons Bar -> Add Icons Settings.

icon button

Step2. Click "…" to enter into Icons Settings interface.

Step3. Click "Add Icon" and then you can design the icon button. Add icon file, text button caption and select button action.

icon button

Step4: Click "OK", and then apply change. You will find a new icon button show on the toolbar.

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