How to add Flash ads in flipping ebook?

While readers flipping and enjoy the book in our website, I hope they can view our Flash ads in first page. So is there a Flip program that enables our designers to add a Flash ad?

Yes, Flip Office Professional is the professional creator that enables you to add rich-media in flipping ebook. That means it is not just the Flash (SWF) files you can add in book, but also YouTube video, Movie, Images, other Button etc.

Detailed procedure is as follows:

1. Import your office files to Flip Office Professional, click "Edit page" icon to enter into page editing interface;

2. Click "Add Flash (SWF)" button and define inserted page, then you can select a SWF file from your computer. If you like, you can even adjust Flash size and layout;

3. Save the current setting and edit to template design interface, you can preview the flash effect in flipping ebook. And then choose one of the output formats to create flipping ebooks. Once that is done, you will get a file which can be uploaded to your website and share the created flipping ebook online.

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