How to add YouTube Video in flipping ebook?

When I am going to add a YouTube Video in book page, it requires to inputting a Video ID on blank box. So, what the meaning of "Video ID" is?

For example the video link is:, then the video ID is "xKA6WIqjB7c". We will tell you that how to add YouTube Video in flipping ebook as follow:

1. Import your office files to Flip Office Professional, click "Edit page" icon to enter into page editing interface;

2. Click "Add YouTube Video" button to enter into edit interface, input Video ID and Video Parameters in box. If you like, you can even adjust video size and layout;

3. Save the current setting and edit to template design interface, then you can preview the setting effect in flipping ebook. Lastly, choose one of the output formats to create flipping ebooks.

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