How to change different templates for my flip book?

I have problem in changing templates for my flip book with Flip Word. If there are more templates for me to choose it will be better.

Flip Word provides an easy way for users to convert word file to ebook which is with flipping-page effect. As a matter of fact there are three kinds of templates of Flip Word for users to choose. They are Classical, Float and Spread. Then let’s show you where and how to change a proper templates for your flip book with Flip Word.

1.Import word file: Import Word file to program and then click “Apply Change” to refresh after importing;

2.Templates setting: then move to “Design Setting” window option and click on the templates button and go to “my templates” window;

3.Select a template: Select a templates and there are so many stylish themes under the relevant templates and then pick up a theme you like;

4.Refresh flip book: After picking up a theme, you can double click the theme to apply or click “OK” button and then click “Apply Change” to refresh the flip book can check the new template and theme.


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