How to DIY photo flipbook by yourself?

What can I do to make a photo flip book with Flip Image Pro?

Flip Image Pro software is very suitable for designers and photographers to decorate photos and publishing. Just follow these steps to DIY your photo flipbook:

1. Add images: click "Add Image" icon to add digital photographs;

2. Decorate: click "Decoration" to insert build-in Frames and Clip Arts on photos, and click "Setting" icon to define images effect, rotation, margin etc;

3. Design settings: click "Publish to FlippingBook" to enter into template design interface, here are three different templates you can choose and multiple features provided for you to make a multifunctional photo flip book;

4. Edit pages: in this panel, you are allowed to add video, music, movie or other media on flip book page; Then click "Apply Change" to store all setting;

5. Converting: click "Convert To Flipping Book"->Choose output type-> Edit HTML title-> Enable "Convert".

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