How to embed flipbooks into your Home webpage?

If you don't want to form a new page with output flipbook, so how to insert the animated book to your existing webpages?

Solution 1: Add one flipbook to one web page

To insert output stunning flip book into one of your website page instead of creating new page, like the showing way in this webpage: , you can follow the below steps:
  • 1. Create flipbook and output to your defined folder first.
  • 2. Upload all output files include "*.html", "*.swf" and "files" folder to the same path where the webpage loaded;
  • 3. Edit the source code of your webpage (with HTML editor like Dreamweaver, or Notepad etc.), insert the paragraph below into the code;
  • 4. Save the webpage, then open it in your Browser, check that whether the inserted flipbook can be viewed or not.

  • embed one flipbook

    Solution 2: Add multi flipbooks to one web page

    It is also to add multi flipbooks to one page, just add multi iframe to html code, then customeze the style using css codes. View a lively example here:
    embed multi flipbooks