How to insert the flipbook into Drupal?

Is it possible to insert my created flipbook to Drupal? How to carry this out?

It's very easy to insert the flipbook into Drupal. Please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Publish the Flipbook as Drupal Module

After finishing designing your flipbook, click the Arrow button next to Publish, and then choose "Plugin for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal".

publish flipbook plugin


In the next screen, choose Drupal module and define Drupal Version, Flipbook Title and ID (for example, Flipbook 3).


publish flipbook as drupal module


Step 2: Install Modules

Download the modules from Drupal Modules and then install them in the directory: yoursitename/sites/all/modules.

install flipbook drupal module


Step 3: Enable the Module

(1) Login to your Drupal site, go to Management>> Administration>> Modules to enable the module, click "Install new module".

install the drupal flipbook module


(2) In the next screen, click "Choose File" button to choose the ZIP file you just outputted, click the "Install" button to install the flipbook module.


(3) After installing the flipbook module, click "Enable newly added modules" and you will see the newly added flipbook in the list. Then click "Save configuration" to save the settings.

Then you can view the flipbook in your Drupal site.

view drupal flipbook