How to let your created flipbook auto-played?

I have created an online flipping book for showing on website, and I want readers can auto-play the flipbook to get cool reading experience. How to do that?

Yes, Flip Office Pro can help you. You can use Flip Office Pro to set an "auto-flip" on the toolbar, and readers can click this button to auto flip the flipping ebook.

Step1: Launch Flip Office Pro and then import office file from your computer;

Step2: Find "Auto Flip" group on the "Design Setting" panel;


Step3: Set the "Auto Flip" settings:

1.Choose "Enable" -> select "Yes";

2.Choose "Flip Interval" -> define the auto flip interval in seconds;

3.Choose "Play Count" -> set auto flip loops count;

4.Choose "Auto flip when start up", it depends on your needs. Select "Yes" to auto play in the start, and of course it's the same in reverse.


Step4: Apply change and then click "Convert To Flipping Book" to publish flipbook.

After you publish your created flip book online, readers can click the "Auto Flip" button to auto playing the flipbook.


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