How to make a classical flipping book?

I would like to make a simple and classical ebook for readers reading online. Which features on Flip Office Professional can be used?

In Flip Office Professionalsoftware, you can choose Classical template, custom flipbook background and enable "Hard Cover" to create your own classical ebook. Steps to design a classical ebook as follow:

Classical flip book

1. Import Office: open your targeted office file, define which page to import, add watermark or not, and check the "Import bookmark", "Import links", "Enable search" option. Then click on "Import Now" icon;

2. Design setting: choose Classical template and enter into tool bar setting panel. In Tool Bar settings, you can add a classical image as ebook background and enable "Hard Cover" effect. Then "Apply Change";

3. Edit book page with rich-media and convert into Classical flipping book with online or offline output format.

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