How to save or use themes in Flip eBook creator programs?

I want to design a customized style of template to use in my later created page-flipping eBooks, what can I do to save and use the designed templates with ease?

In Flip programs, no matter Flip PDF, Flip PowerPoint, Flip Word or some other Flip programs, you can save your designed templates and insert into "Select Template" interface to use later, without customizing again and again:

1. Start Flip program, design Book margin, background, Flash Window Color and so on, click "Apply Change";

2. Click "File" in toolbar of the program, choose "Export Current Settings as Themes", define output folder and theme name to save directly;

3. When you want to use later, just click "File" to choose "Import Theme", then you can get new imported theme in template selection interface, choose and use.


Now, FlipBuilder provides free pre-designed templates for you to download and use directly now, enter into "Templates" page to get your wanted themes now: