How to show your created flip book in Facebook page directly?

I created a page-flipping eBook with your Flip program, but when I posted to Facebook, all I get was an error to tell me to install Flash Player. What can I do to show my the flip book in my Facebook page?

To publish your created page-flipping eBook on Facebook directly, you can follow below steps:

1. Publish your created flipbook online first, more details about sharing online here;

2. Log in Facebook, search "Tradable Bits" to install the plug-in tool;

3. Create a Page and click "Add Tabs->Html" to install;

4. Edit Iframe App with inputting the code below into the HTML box, replace the Param Value "" with your own eBook link:

5. Click "save changes" to preview your inserted eBook, then "Add to Facebook".

Then you can view the added eBook in "HTML iFrame" part in your created page.

You can visit our inserted eBook on Facebook here.