How to trim images before converting to flipbook?

The images I want to convert into a flipbook are not the same size, is there any way for me to trim them before converting?

Flip Image (free download here) is a tool for converting multiple images or scanned files into a single flipbook. So the program also provides you many optimize tools for you to trim images or scanned files:

1. Flip: click "Image->Horizontal/ Vertical Flip";

2. Rotate: click "Image->Rotate 90 (Clockwise)/ -90 (Counter Clockwise)", or directly click "Image->Rotate..." to define rotate angle manually;

3. Crop: if images are not the same size, click "Image->Crop..." to draw crop box on the image you want to trim;

4. De-skew: click "Image->De-skew" to straighten images automatically;

5. B/ W: click "Image->Convert to Black/White", "Gray Scale" or "Edge Detection" to change color type for images.

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