How to upload updated flipbook without changing the book URL?

I used FlipBuilder Online Service to upload my created flipbook to FlipBuilder Server, and now I need to modify my flipbook content, so how can I update my online flipbook without changing the book URL?

If you don't want to change the book URL, you can override the existing flipbook on FlipBuilder Server with the updated flipbook. Besides, you don't need to pay for an extra point.

Below steps will show you how to override an existing book on FlipBuilder Server.

1. Launch Flip PDF or other flip programs you used to publish flipbook. At the top left, click "File" and select "Open Project" (if you have saved project) or "Open the project from output folder" to open and edit the flipbook;

open flipbook project


2. After you finish modifying the book, click "Apply Change" to save settings; click the"Upload" button then log into FlipBuilder Online Service with your existing account;

login flipbuilder online service


3. Then in the "Upload" screen, click the "More" button and you will see the "Override an existed book" option, click on it to check it enabled;

publish flipbook plugin


Then you will see the below interface:

override an existing book


Click to choose an existing book and then click the "Select" button, and the "Override Warning" dialog will pop up, click "Yes" to confirm.

override an existing flipbook


4. Now you will see the to-be-overrided book name at the bottom, define book title, description, mobile settings, etc; finally click "Upload" to start overrding the existing book.

override flipbook without change url


After the uploading is completed, you will get the same link of the previous book, but in fact, it is the book link for the new book. And you don't need to pay for extra point to run the new book for this current month.