Is there a way to find out the buttons I need quickly?

There are so many buttons in Flip PowerPoint program and it takes me a while to find out the buttons I need. So is there an easy way to find out the buttons I need quickly?

Flip PowerPoint allows users to make a presentation in a fresh and wonderful way. That is showing your PowerPoint file as page-flipping book. Anyway, of course there is an easy way for you to get the buttons you need in the design setting window quickly. Now let’s get start.

1.Import PowerPoint: run Flip PowerPoint and then get start to import PDF file to program;

2.Search Buttons Function: move to design setting window and find out search column below “templates” option;

3.Enter keyword of button: enter the keywords of buttons such as you want to find out “background” button function, you can enter “back” directly;

4.Show relevant buttons: after entering keywords, the relevant buttons can be selected automatically.


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