Set the output quality of flip book in mobile version?

I want create a high quality publication for view on mobile device clarity, is there any way to help me?

Yes, you can control the mobile version page size in Flip Office’s "Application Options" interface. There are 5 different of page quality and size types for you to choice. They are "Higher quality larger file size", "High quality large file size", "Medium quality medium file size", "Low quality small file size" and "Lower quality smaller files". Below, I will show your how to enter the "Application Options" interface, and how to operate the settings.

Steps 1: Open the Flip Office program and click "option" button on the menu bar;

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Steps 2: Choose "Application options" on the drop-down list to enter into the "option" interface;

Step 3: Find "Create Mobile Version" interface, then select a quality and size style from 5 different options.

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