Unique features for different templates.

If you have used the version 3.0.0 of Flip programs(free download Flip PDF), you will find the new version provide three different templates for you to choose.

Here are some main unique features for these different features:

  1. Classical Template: set icon color, bookmark parameters like font color, background color, define "Show/ Hide Toolbar" and "Full Screen without Toolbar";
  2. flip 3.0 classical template

  3. Float Template: set book title at the top of your eBook, add two background images, show thumbnail panel;
  4. flip 3.0 float template

  5. Spread Template: move the toolbar to the top of the eBook, set different orientation margin size, show thumbnail panel.
  6. flip 3.0 spread template

Click here to download Flip PDF new version.

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