Want letting readers open flash window while reading flipping book?

While converting my office file to page flipping ebook, I want to add a link or a button into flipping page to open flash window, what can I do to add such link or button?

To create a page-flipping book from office documents, and have a link or button to execute some action, you need use Flip Office Pro program.

Please take below steps as reference:

1. Import office file in Flip Office Pro program, and set import file settings;

2. Click "Edit Page" to enter into "Flip Page Editor" interface;

3. Choose "Insert -> Insert link or Insert button" to draw a shadow area, then click shadow to design properties;

open flash window

4. Click "Action Options" to choose "Open Flash Window", and then define "Open Window Action Properties".

open flash window

5. Save settings and exit, click "Convert To Flipping Book" to publish you wanted ebook.

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