What are the folders files/page and files\large for?

Can you tell what function files\page and files\large is ? Are these for Printing or maybe Zooming? So if I disabled the Zoom and print function in the HTML ¨C could I delete these pages? Thereby making the overall size smaller?

Flip PDF produces a folder named files,a flash named book and a html page named demo. the files contains kinds of folders such as "page", "large", "serch", etc.

Page: Images in it are displayed as a default size when opening the output flash or demo html files, you see them. If delete them, the flash and demo couldn't show them normally.

Large: Samely, it is relevant with zooming effects, if you delete it, the button "Zoom In" can't work. Of course, if don't need zooming, you can delete it.

Serch: As above, it is relevant with serching.

PS: If you don't need to print, you can hide the button "Print". Don't delete files/page.

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