What are the requirements for adding images?

Are there any special requirements of images format, size, and resolution value?

You can ease to add any format images in Flip Image Pro software, without size and resolution value required. Few steps to complete entire conversion:

image format

1. Add Images: open and add images to decorate interface, to decorate with build-in Frames and Clip Arts;

2. Publish: click "Publish to FlippingBook" and choose template in template panel, design flip book background and toolbar with multiple toolbar settings, then "Apply Change";

3.Edit pages: click "Edit Page" to enter into page editing interface, add video/links/images/movie/music media to page and define its action, then save the setting to exit;

4. Convert: choose output format, includes HTML, ZIP, EXE, App, Mobile version, Burn to CD option and edit path of folder, click "Convert" to end.

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