What is hot spot and how to add hot spot to book page?

The hot spots can be added in edit page feature of Flip PDF Professional. But what is the hot spot?

Hot spot is a clickable stunning and animated flash, it can be added on anywhere any pages of the flipbook page to highlight the important content or product sale point perfectly. Also it can be added with different actions.

1. Click “Add Hotspots” button to add hotspots

add hot spot

2. Click on any place of the flipbook and drag the frame to adjust size;

add hot spots

3. Choose a Flash of hotspot;

4. Set hotspot Image, and then save and exit the Edit Page interface for previewing.

add links to hot spots

The set Action will let you add a link, open a flash window, start a photo slideshow, play YouTube or Vimeo video, lead to other page of the book, call Javascript function, play an andio or show some information of text.

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