What is the different between Classical, Spread, and Float templates?

For Classical/ Spread/ Float template, what are the different features of them?

In Flip Image Pro software, Classical/ Spread/Float template can be used for all level users to create a different effect page flip book. Their special features are as follow:


1. Classical template: the concise template, all tool bar icon below the flipbook and it provides you various features to design a unique flipbook, like Background setting, Home button, Color, Print and download, Zoom In/Out, Share etc;

2. Float template: the most flexible template, you can define flip book title with Logo and Logo URL. And it also provides those features that you need to create flipping book;

3. Spread template: this template shows you all the buttons on the left and top of your flip book. And you can click "Thumbnail"navigation to preview flipbook all pages.

PS: In Flip PDF program, it also provides a fashion template: Neat template, you can free download this program to try out the template.

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