What language menu bar text does it provides?

Is it possible to have the display text in a different language than English (ie French)?
Is there a way to change the name of each button within flash? Right now they are in english (next, previous, enable fullscreen, zoom in, etc) and I need them in spanish.

Flip PDF allows you to customize your own language menu bar, if you are a spaniard or other language people, you can define your own mebu text bar. let me show you the details.

1. Click "Option-->Flash Language";
2. Click button "New Language", give the new a name and select one familiar language to copy as a comparation for later noting;
3. In the editing box, double click the description and edit it (the labeled translates or explains the label text);
4. Click button "OK", and then "Apply Change".

PS: The labeled can translate the label on the output text on the buttons from bottom manu bar. When moving mouse to one button, the explained (in your own language) text will come out.

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