Where to find crop button to crop my images?

I want to crop the images into a proper size. I saw a toolbar above the image and I just have no idea which button is crop.

Flip Image Pro provides an easy way for users to edit images before converting them to flash flip album. Then there is a crop button on the toolbar to crop the images into the size you want. Now please check below steps details to crop your images successfully.

1.Add Images: click “add image” and then import images to program to edit first;

2.Find out crop button: select an image and move to the main edit window then the toolbar will show above the image; after that find out “crop image” button on the toolbar;

3.Crop image: click “Crop image” to crop window and then select the area you want to or crop the image after zoom in and zoom out;

4.Finish cropping: after selecting and then click “Crop” to finish and then go back to main user interface to continue editing image.


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