Why can't my friends view the html e-book sent by me?

Why can’t my coworker view the HTML which I sent him? I imported the pdf, applied any changes and then converted to flipbook in html format. I sent the html to my coworker so he could view it. Unfortunately it was a blank html page. How do I send this flipbook to others to view?

If a html file contains some images, audio, even flash or video, the images, audio and video files could be stored on other folders. There are some links between html and other formats files writen on the html file. If you want your coworker read all these content, you should send all this files and the html to she or he, especially, you can't modify their relative path, or others can't read it normally.

PS: Maybe you should pay attention to the relative paths among the html and other multi-media files. try to send all the output files to your friend to make sure he (she) can browse it smoothly. Or you can upload them to your own website, then all your friends can browse it online without sending them.

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