Why cannot I add a new flipbook to my Wordpress Site?

I created a new flipbook plugin and installed again on my WordPress site. It works fine but only the first book, I'm not able to add any other book.

If you want to add a new flipbook to your WordPress site, you need to install the new flipbook plugin first, and then you should use the shortcode with NEW FLIPBOOK ID.

Step 1: Publish a new Flipbook Plugin

Click the Arrow button next to Publish, and then choose "Plugin for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal".

publish flipbook plugin


In the output interface, choose Publish as "WordPress plug-in", define output folder, file name and proportions of the flipbook, click "Publish", then you will get a ZIP file.

publish flipbook as wordpress plugin


Step 2: Install the new Flipbook Plugin

Login your WordPress Adminstrator, go to "Installed Flipbooks" and click "Add New" to install the new flipbook plugin.

install flipbook wordpress plugin


P.S: Remember not to enable "Replace an existing book".

install flipbook wordpress plugin


Step 3: Copy & Paste the Shortcode to the WordPress Page or Post

install flipbook wordpress plugin