Why is the last page blank?

Why is the last page blank? How do I get content on the back page of my brochure? Currently, the page always comes up blank, and I want to add text to this page. Any advice?

If the total number of your PDF file is odd page, acquiescently after created, Flip PDF will automatically add a blank page next to the last page of your PDF.

Though it is agly, I think you could make a fancy tail page cover to let the whole pages become even number, or add some instruction about your e-book. In one word, make it even page.

If you want Flip PDF be more intelligent, I will suggest our engineer to develop elegant default last page covers as options to choose.

PS: Maybe you can change color of the last page. On the left "Design Setting" box, select "Book-->Book Proportions-->Page Background Color", and then click the button "..." to choose a color you like.

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