Would you like to add a table of contents or index to output e-book?

Do you have the ability to import a table of contents or index?

Flip PDF provides a functionality "Bookmark" is similar with index.

On the left option "Design Box" you can control "Hide" or "Show" for the Bookmark. On the adjacent option "Bookmark", you can add, move or remove its bookmarks.

More details follow steps below:
1. On the left "Design Box", choose "Bookmark", you can set font and background color, transparency, position, etc, even you can control "Hide" or "Show";
2. Select the option "Bookmark" to add bookmark to the customized page, you can name, modify them.

PS:If you set true for "Bookmark-->Always Show Bookmark", on the e-book bottom menu bar, you will see a button named "Book Mark". Click it, there is a box with index instruction come out, you can click the page description to find the page you want.

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