Would you like to create a table of contents for flipbook?

How to make index for flipbook?

You can add some bookmarks for some special pages from the e-book. They are a convenience for readers to reach some page more quickly.
Follow easy steps below:
1. Import PDF file;
2. In left option "Bookmark", edit the bookmarks for the e-book;
3. Click button "Add" (Blue +) or "Add Child" (Green +) to add bookmarks and its child bookmarks;
4. Click up or down arrows to adjust their order;
5. Click red "×" to delete some bookmark;
6. Apply all these settings by clicking button "Apply Change".

PS: In left option "Design Setting" box, choose "Bookmark", and then set "Font color", "Background color", "Background alpha", "Always Show Bookmark" and "Panle Position".

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